I wake up – its light – I’m hungry, I stretch then up the stairs I run into the bedroom jumping up on the bed I’m brushed aside by her but he strokes me.

     “Hello Roland do you want some breakfast?”. Of course I do. I’ll try purring a bit that usually works. He’s up and walking towards the stairs. Don’t trip him up, that happened once and I didn’t get any food for hours. Into the kitchen, he fills the kettle and while it’s boiling he goes to MY FOOD CUPBOARD! I coil myself around his legs seductively purring loudly.  My food bowl is down on my mat full of delicious chicken pieces with gravy.

      “There you go, I’ll get some fresh water as well”.

     Then he makes two cups of coffee and disappears back up the stairs. The food is delectable and I eat the lot.

     What’s it like outside?  Sticking my head out of the cat flap it’s nice and sunny with a slight breeze. There are some interesting smells in the garden and I wander in and out of the flowers taking them all in. Jumping up on top of the fence I stroll along with my tail stuck high in the air. Passing three gardens then looking down into the flower filled shady paradise that is where it’s so pleasant to lie when it’s really hot. Let’s have a look, jumping down and prowling through the undergrowth like a hunting tiger. Something moves, I crouch down inching forward until the offender is in sight. A mouse suddenly takes off at a tremendous pace leaping into the air I launch myself at him. He escapes.

     “Not this time Rupert”. It’s the man from the flowery garden.  

    “Where have you been all night then? I bet you’re ready for some breakfast” Doing the curling and purring thing around his legs we go into the kitchen.

     “Rupert’s here darling” he says reaching for the crunchy biscuit that tastes so good. She reaches down and tickles me behind the ears. Purring loudly and tolerating the fussing, until the food bowl is down on the floor, crunchy biscuit – lovely. It’s time for a snooze on the settee I think.

     The slamming of the door wakes me up they have gone out leaving me alone, after checking out the food bowl and finding it empty I dive out of the cat flap into the garden. Back up on the fence to continue my journey, tail erect strolling along a dog barks but he is powerless to do anything. I pass him by with a look of disdain.

      Dropping down into the next garden, straight to the kitchen door where a bell is hanging from the door handle. Ding ding is the result of a hefty swipe from my left paw. The door opens

     “Hello Rufus, just in time for lunch”.

     Delicious now its time for a nap in the garden, life’s not bad being a neighbourhood cat.

495 words Michael White 2020

  • Steven White
    Posted at 22:53h, 01 February Reply

    This is our cat – haha

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