The wreck of the car was total smashed and squashed by the huge lorry it had collided with. The truck driver was on his phone, not concentrating and drove straight out into the main road. The car driver had no chance as the witnesses would confirm when the police got there. His body was contorted inside the twisted metal that was once his pride and joy. There was nothing anybody could do for him now.

Well, that’s that then, I have shuffled off this mortal coil, popped my clogs, cashed in my chips, and death is the winner. It was quick, one second I was driving up the road the lorry came out of the side turning without slowing. It didn’t hurt, a bit like when you bang your head hard into a closed patio door, then nothing. The next thing I knew I was floating up here looking down on what was left of my car. How can that be? Oh I get it, Psyche – the state of consciousness in the human mind. How do I move about? Imagination seems to work. I’ll go home.

Pat, my wife is busy preparing our dinner. Liver, bacon and onions, mashed potatoes, carrots, cabbage and peas. My favourite, shame I don’t have any need for it. The doorbell rings, she curses mildly and goes to answer it.

Two police officers, one female come in, sit my wife down in the lounge and break the news to her about my untimely demise. There is no easy way then a stunned silence, They phone her mother, the male officer goes to make a cup of tea, that’s a  typical English reaction, while the female one comforts my wife.

Psyche is a strange condition, no emotions, no regrets. I feel good that the life insurance will pay the mortgage and a good payout.

My mother in law arrives, I never really liked her, nor her me, but her psyche is now exposed to me and she is giving off friendly vibes. Turns out she was jealous of our love for each other. The stuff you find out when you’re dead!

After giving Pat a sedative she is put to bed and soon goes into a drug induced sleep, her psyche is now released and available for contact. I reassure her that things will be all right. So I suppose that’s where dreams come from!

With Pat asleep i imagine myself around all my favourite places throughout my lifetime, early childhood, schools, relationships, then marriage to Pat. I can feel that my psyche is weakening so i imagine myself in our bed with Pat. She sleeps on as I, or my psyche, slowly lose the connection with reality until finally there is nothing to be gained from hanging around. So I let it all slide away and by morning I am properly dead!  RIP.

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