Billy Barton breathed a massive sigh of relief, the Decree Nici had arrived that morning in the post and he was a free man. For twenty years he had been trapped in a loveless marriage to Sal now it was over. The divorce had been very amicable and civilised, their four bedroom house had been sold and the proceeds divided equally between them. Luckily there weren’t any children involved, they had just fallen out of love so they shook hands and went their separate ways as simple as that.

Billy was a regular down at the local pub, probably a factor in the breakdown of the marriage. He was in the darts team, the skittles team and the pub quiz team. Sal had never fitted into pub life and made it plain that she didn’t like it.

Now it was an ideal time to start over, rebuilding his life – new people, new places. He surveyed himself in the mirror, still only forty, a good head of hair, not fat really but not skinny either, a good job, a sporty car – in his eyes a real ‘Babe magnet’.

He had hoovered, dusted and polished his new bachelor flat, even changed the bed linen, put a new refill in the air freshener and had some wine in the fridge. He meant business!

      “I’ve still got what it takes” he said to himself as he blew a kiss to the mirror he was going down town on the pull! “They won’t know what’s hit them”

Arriving at the Montpellier Wine Bar dressed to kill! He was really looking forward to being back on the market. Twenty years remaining faithful to Sal had been a long time.

Ordering a Merlot, he gazed around the packed bar and surveyed the many young girls. Some were with a friend, some were in a party, some were with their boyfriends but none were on their own.

His clumsy attempts at conversation were either politely rebuffed or ignored.

     “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all”.

Ordering another glass of wine he perched up on top of the tall bar stool and studied himself in the mirror behind the bar. Reality and common sense slowly came over him.

      “I’m over the hill as far as these girls are concerned” he concluded “Maybe I’d be better off in the local pub with people I know.”

     “On your own?”  

Billy looked up, there was a rather attractive older lady perched on another stool. She was blonde, slim and dressed seductively, maybe with the same thoughts about the evening as Billy.

     “Yes just divorced and back on the scene” he said in what he thought was a casual manner. She laughed.

      “It’s been a while hasn’t it, what ARE you drinking? Nobody drinks that stuff any more. My name’s Norma, buy me a prosecco, that’s ‘Lady Petrol’ and tell me all about it”.

Billy put his merlot down. The barman poured two proseccos and they moved their stools together.

     “My names Bill and you’re right it has been a while.” He’d shortened his name to make it sound more interesting.

After another couple of glasses he had discovered that she too was divorced and quite happy to stay that way. Like him she had been married for a long time and was starting to live again.

 Billy was looking at Norma and thinking what an attractive woman she was, very confident and smartly turned out.

      “How old do you think I am then Bill” said Norma “That’s what you’re thinking isn’t it?”

Billy was taken aback. What was he to say – be polite and say something very flattering or be honest and risk offending her? He decided to say nothing.

     “Sixty” she said with a cheeky smile, “and still waiting for my pension – bloody government.”

     “Well you certainly don’t look it” was all he could think of and immediately he regretted it. She laughed at his red faced embarrassment.

     “Come on Bill, let’s drink up and go back to my place and finish the evening off properly together if you follow my meaning”

That wasn’t what Billy was expecting but what the hell, she was a good looking woman and he certainly wasn’t going to pull any of these other young bimbos at his age.

They went outside and hailed a taxi.

     “16 Elderado Crescent” she snapped to the driver.

     “Nice area” thought Billy “Things are working out better than I thought”.

 Sitting together in the back seat Norma settled into Billy’s arms and they kissed. Things were getting passionate.

     “Have you ever had mother and daughter in a threesome?” she whispered breathlessly in his ear and gave him a cheeky smile. Billy’s heart was thumping with anticipation as he imagined what this good looking woman’s daughter would be like. What a result!

      “N.No not yet” was all he could think to say.

     “Well you’re in for a treat tonight Bill!” again that cheeky smile.

The taxi pulled up outside a large detached house, Billy paid the fare and they went in. Once through the door, he took off his coat and hung it on the coat stand.

Then Norma called out.

     “You still awake Mum, put your teeth in, we’ve got a visitor” Billy turned and tried to open the door but it was double locked. He was trapped again!


895 words Michael White 2019

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